Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Altered Candy Box Tutorial

While I find most of the merchandise in stores this time of year pretty darn lame, it is the only time of year when you can get all kinds of heart shaped forms, doo-dads and boxes for super cheap- like those really tacky little boxes of chocolate! I bought a few for $1 each at my local drugstore that I turned it into a cute little box and pin cushion for all of my needles!

Start by eating all the candy in the box :)
and get rid of any wrapping and evidence of candy consumed!

Paint over the entire box both inside and out.

Trace the shape of the heart onto a piece of fabric

Paint the fabric with watered down paint
(I chose simple circles and used the prettiest pinks and reds out there from Claudine Hellmuth's Studio paint!)

Let dry.

Place the fabric on top of a piece of batting (used for quilting) and doodle with your sewing machine.
I used my pink dots as a starting point and added flower detail to spot of color.

Once satisfied with the surface, cut out another heart for the back.

Sew the edges together and leave a small space open for stuffing.

Once the heart is stuffed, glue down to the surface of the candy box.
note-There are a number of different options to create this tufted look but I chose the quickest and easiest- glue! Fabric glue, tacky glue or even hot glue will all work.

Last, I embellished the edges with a row of little white dots of fabric paint.

I filled the box with all my needles,

and used the top for my pins!


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